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          Twitter Wall


          Our student Izzy is fundraising for her trip with school and Camps International to Ecuador where she will be replanting trees as part of a conservation effort and improving the environment by cleaning up the beaches //t.co/mIB3Aoh7q0 //t.co/zdDxhjaJSy


          Remember - Sixth Form applications for 2020 are due in on the 19th December! //t.co/6riBm6yswK


          EYFS learning all about how to look after their teeth!🦷🦷 //t.co/D1THYFnFqG


          Year 2 are getting ready for their christingle service on Friday. The christingles are all made! //t.co/cL10Qbh5FB


          More fun at RAF Hendon! //t.co/gHqm1Ffank


          Y10 enjoying the MBDA Reconnaissance Challenge at RAF Hendon! //t.co/Rr3M3jCL73


          Retweeted From SRA Art

          Wow, well done to Joby (y7) for his superb oil pastel apple drawing this week. We are incredibly impressed with his colour blending, it looks good enough to eat! 🍎 //t.co/Hplw2Jn5LY


          As Christmas approaches, we are aware that some of our students may receive online devices so we would like to alert parents to a free BBC App, called ‘Own It’- designed to advise children when online. Please see //t.co/HIBFwIHLtt //t.co/b5XDhyDOPn


          Time to get your aprons on!🧁🍰🎂 //t.co/BY0b8Wk0fY


          Is your New Year's resolution to find a new position? We have a fantastic part time role for a Wraparound Care Manager/Teaching Assistant! See website for more details....//t.co/meaUeAA5iP //t.co/8DiDj1l0sz


          Retweeted From SAPSMA

          Looking forward to our annual massed primary schools Carol Service tomorrow, and rehearsing the readers today :-)


          Coming Up! Tues Y3/4 Service at Cathedral ⛪ Inclusion Coffee Morning☕ School Production Rehearsals🎭 Wed Spanish students arrive🇪🇸 Post 16 Open Morning Girls Rugby🏉 Fri Y10 RAF challenge, Hendon✈️ Sat School Fair🎄


          Our latest news is out now! //t.co/vxHI1X8cfh //t.co/VffvkzAZdS


          We are so grateful for the equipment we are able to purchase thanks to the PTA! In action - Microscopes! //t.co/sCjjII4pLQ


          Teachers! Don't forget to sign up to this fantastic course next week //t.co/NHa9sZPFsl


          We need your donations for the Christmas Fair!!!! Raffle Prizes, Sweets, Unwanted Gifts, Unused Toiletries, Costume jewellery, Accessories,Stationery, Books, CD's, Bric a Brac, Soft Toys! Our Donation Day is next Friday 6th December! Thank you! //t.co/u3xTp5JqVx


          Teachers! Don't forget to sign up to this fantastic course next week //t.co/iLYGz3HEXk


          Pantomime time in primary this morning. A big thank you to for this amazing treat 🎬🎭 //t.co/H1BuYjmtxT


          Booking is now open for trials for our Post 16 SRA Netball Academy, in association with Saracens Mavericks! //t.co/tccZHgidAk


          Make you don't miss out on this weekend's Rugby Trials for our Post 16 SRA Rugby Academy! //t.co/HwEYn7di2R //t.co/vMSSdcHffe


          Retweeted From SRA Secondary

          5 days to go! 5 Days to go! Make you sign up for this Saturday's football trials for the SRA Football Academy in association with Watford Community Sports and Education Trust! //t.co/kUWGZPOXvf //t.co/ffl2S9xnEu


          We cannot wait for Wednesday morning in primary, a special pantomime treat provided by our amazing PTA! //t.co/pfFHsqWNC4


          St. Andrews class are showing some fantastic teamwork as they make parachutes for their air-resistance experiment. Later we will be using to measure the total acceleration. The lowest level wins! //t.co/fsWE4bBElf


          Looking at Post-16 opportunities? Don't miss our Post 16 Open Evening next week! //t.co/yp20HydDGG


          Counting down to the SRA Football Academy Trials on Saturday 30th November!! //t.co/KB3IvXmghc


          Retweeted From Hertfordshire RTC

          Some great computational thinking in as they attempt to crack a German code. Super lesson from //t.co/yOf0sDkiuj


          Congratulations to the winners of the free netball trials with //t.co/xGkEn0ZJji


          This week! Tues-Production Rehearsals🎭, U14/U15 Rugby v Dame Alice Owens🏉 Weds-U15 v Fullerians, U12/13 v Dame Alice Owens🏉, Y12 Maths Challenge 🔢, Y10 Spanish Info eve🇪🇸 Thurs-World Skills Trip 🌍, Y12 Speak Your Mind,🎤 Friday 22nd -Y12/13 Biology Trip, Y7 Boys Festival


          Our latest news is out now! See our latest news here! //t.co/iaQKrpltdi //t.co/eJkacoETf0


          Not long to go - make sure you attend our Post 16 Information Evening on the 28th November to pre-register and sign up for trials on the 30th November here //t.co/vjk0NdMgYD //t.co/9HHYq2B6U0


          Retweeted From Hamish Arnold

          Monday Blues? Take a look at our Saving Time and Reducing Workload webinar this evening at 4:20 so that 500 Internal Server Error

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          Year 2 had an amazing day on Wednesday, they learnt lots about ‘The Great Fire of London’. Thanks to SRA PTA for contributing to the cost of the day. //t.co/t0MO750jMo


          Mighty Netball visited our primary assembly this morning, thanks to Laura and Alice for telling us more about netball. //t.co/wuofWG9mDQ

          More Able Students

          Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

          The Mad Hatter asks Alice:

          Q: “Why is a raven like a writing desk?“

          A: ??

          More Able and Talented students at SRA:

          1. All students are entitled to be stretched and challenged.
          2. Effective more able and talented provision improves teaching and learning within the classroom.
          3. By planning for MAST and talented students and scaffolding learning for all, aspirations and standards are raised.
          4. The focus on stretch and challenge is a key driver for whole school improvement.  

          At Samuel Ryder Academy we are committed to ensuring all students achieve more than they ever thought possible, both academically and in other areas of their lives. To help More Able Students (MASt) meet their potential, we recognise that they need tailored challenge in every lesson as well as other opportunities to highlight their ability.

          The government measure the quality of schools in a number of ways, partly by identifying groups within the student body and charting how they are catered for. More Able Students are such a group; the provision for these students is a matter of equity.

          We identify our More Able Students using scaled scores stemming from their CAT and KS2 SATs results. In addition, departments are able to identify students as being talented in their specific area based on the department specific definitions.

          Our More Able Students’ procedure aims to encourage the following:

          • student independence and resilience
          • an environment which enables students to learn new things
          • differentiation and challenge in lessons
          • extra curricular opportunities
          • student participation in a variety of endeavours

          We understand that students shine in various areas. In order to support and challenge MASt, we keep a register of their skills. Their grades from every subject are tracked 4 times annually to see if they are performing as they should, areas they excel in, and where they might need extra help. This can lead to discussions with the student, parents and interventions to help them get back on track. Every teacher has access to this register and it is supplemented by the Learning Portraits which all MASt are asked to complete. This enables teachers to find out what interests the students and how best they learn.

          An exciting initiative that has been launched is the inaugural Masters Book. This has meant some selected students have been able to showcase great pieces of original work which exemplifies the wide range of interests out MASt have.

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          As well as lessons there are ample enrichment opportunities for MASt, with a wide range of clubs and trips to cater for their needs. Different departments also run targeted MASt clubs or projects throughout the year. The curriculum is also supported with competitions, additional reading and a wealth of subject information on iTunes U.         

          Parents and carers play an important role in unlocking the potential of More Able Students. Some ideas to help you help your child include:

          • Watching and discussing (eg BBC4) documentaries
          • Encouraging reading generally: novels, non-fiction books, newspapers and online articles
          • Listen to an interesting podcast series and then discuss it with them
          • Visit places of cultural importance
          • Discuss what they learnt at school and how they learnt it

          How can MASt help themselves?

          • Talk to your teachers about units that are coming up and prepare for them
          • Enrol in MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)
          • Read around your study areas using the reading lists provided
          • Set up a study group with your friends
          • Ask your teachers if you have any questions

          As co-ordinator for more able students, I welcome any thoughts or suggestions for you have for the MASt program at Samuel Ryder Academy. (Or if you want to answer "Why is a raven like a writing desk?“) Please feel free to get in touch.

          James Chatterley




          Hertfordshire Grid for Learning 

          National Association for 'Gifted and Talented' Children - student definitions

          National Society for 'Gifted and Talented' - identification signs

          National Association of Able Children in Education

          Recommended Support for Parents of 'Gifted and Talented' Children

          MENSA, the High IQ Society 



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