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          Retweeted From SRA - English

          Love these videos with grammar reminders //t.co/DFajoI3OSd


          Retweeted From Samuel Ryder Academy




          Today we took maths outside in Year 6, we have been looking at multiplication, factors and multiples! 📐📏🔢 //t.co/8ejb83mGo6


          Year 6 enjoying our class book ‘Clockwork’ in the sunshine ☀️ 📚📝 //t.co/UO7YXGEIpC


          More fun TTRS challenges coming soon!!! //t.co/DQ34zbyRYK


          Oxford B group //t.co/NJjbDmdBAS


          Some of Cambridge B group. //t.co/fJLPIPPAps


          Measuring the mean time using different methods of travelling! Well done. Some very creative ideas //t.co/xB9ahnNcIV


          PE lessons this week!! //t.co/OEDlMjjvh0


          Retweeted From SRA_Maths

          Another challenge for My Money Week //t.co/z2LtJgh3F2


          Retweeted From SRA_Maths

          A challenge for My Money Week //t.co/A1XfU5K0kX


          Hope the dinosaurs were ok after being covered in lava! //t.co/gesLjyUDQL


          ROAR-some!! //t.co/jGc3sn4TLu


          What a great way of learning about the life cycle Jayden. Fantastic! //t.co/Ftq7OwLMtj


          Retweeted From SRA_Maths

          Puzzle Of The Week //t.co/fulcLNiq7f

          504 Gateway Time-out

          Life cycles of fish were the inspiration for origami fish in KS1 today. //t.co/y4CFweypNE

          Louie in Y2 made his own papier-mâché globe. Great to see the attention to detail. Well done! //t.co/UImjbivQcs

          504 Gateway Time-out

          Retweeted From Scholars' Education Trust

          Welcome back to our Reception, Year 1 & Year 6 students at - we’ve missed you!

          504 Gateway Time-out

          Definitely a poignant song and message! Thank you! //t.co/SKg1bvPLOB

          Part 8 of James and the Giant Peach. //t.co/08WLPAJi95

          504 Gateway Time-out

          Teamwork. Well done Miss Bacon //t.co/okFtFaJgE5

          504 Gateway Time-out

          Well done Miss Reed!! //t.co/3gQayQeTBC


          Part 7 of James and the Giant Peach //t.co/o8ZposNCkw

          Well done Team Davey. #teamwork //t.co/6uwHB3gxiY

          follow us @SRAPrimary, @SRA_StAlbans

          Well done Mr Mead //t.co/jQNc9Lo8E2

          follow us @SRAPrimary, @SRA_StAlbans

          They look fantastic!! //t.co/mb1itYQzwm

          follow us @SRAPrimary, @SRA_StAlbans

          Thank you to @jordanlivesey from @MaryPoppins for sharing some of the choreography from the show. It’s Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! If you would like to try take a look... //t.co/xKEfBnTecR

          follow us @SRAPrimary, @SRA_StAlbans


          follow us @SRAPrimary, @SRA_StAlbans

          Creating shadow messages. //t.co/MOq6NbfdJg

          follow us @SRAPrimary, @SRA_StAlbans

          Healthy snacks. All ready to make a fruit skewer. 😀 //t.co/1m2divdD0S

          follow us @SRAPrimary, @SRA_StAlbans

          Being creative and designing origami bookmarks. @SRA_art_ //t.co/mFfZLRgOdL

          follow us @SRAPrimary, @SRA_StAlbans


          Sounds great! We love a challenge! Take a look everyone! //t.co/1WfZhion9t


          Retweeted From The Ickabog

          Calling all budding artists aged 7-12! You're invited to illustrate the story of and enter the competition for the chance to have your artwork featured in the printed version of the book. Find out more about the competition here: //t.co/U2GzztMQem //t.co/33rIn4yNPT


          Retweeted From The Ickabog

          We are pleased to announce 's story is now available to read online for free at //t.co/HJVrLd0KRI. . Each weekday, over the next seven weeks, a new instalment will be published. We hope you and your children will enjoy this original fairy tale! //t.co/ddIIWKfeHL


          Out of this world 😀 //t.co/UoV7IiFmE7


          504 Gateway Time-out //t.co/dINhrHibLU


          Primary Stars of the Week - 12th March 2020

          Posted on 12/03/2020

          Stars of the Week!


          Red Class

          Fatimah Khaliq - for trying really hard with her reading and writing, both in school and at home. Well done and keep it up!

          Blue Class 

          Phoebe Saunders - for writing her news independently. Excellent effort and keep up the good work. 

          Year One

          Orange Class

          Archie Reynolds -  for his focus and hard work in phonics. Archie, you have tried so hard to remember all the digraphs you have learnt. Well done, we are very proud of you!

          Purple Class 

          Mikail Miah - for making a big effort with his learning, joining in more with class discussions and having a great learning attitude! Keep it up Mikail!

          Year Two

          Yellow Class

          Noah Hassan - Mrs Hayes and Miss Harper are really proud that you are starting to complete more within a session. Keep it up Noahl!

          Green Class

          Matthew Yeremeyev- for working hard in maths and beginning to explain his understanding to others. Well done Sonny - Keep it up!

          Year 3

          York Class

          Miles Hostein - for having a positive mindset towards all aspects of learning. Well done! Keep it up!

          Bath Class

          Eddie Bailey -

          Year 4

          Durham Class

          Cameron Paea - for always having an excellent attitude to all your learning. You are keen to take on a challenge and show that you care about your progress. Well done!

          Warwick Class

          Daniel Minnie -

          Year 5

          St Andrews Class

          James Hopkinson - For always working extremely hard and being an incredibly focused and conscientious member of the class.Well done!

          Imperial Class

          Lois Dubberley- Amazing focus during the Romeo and Juliet learning. You took your own learning and understanding and helped others. Well done!

          Year 6

          Karisma Barot - for always working extremely hard and being an incredibly focused and conscientious member of the class. Well done!

          Oxford Class

          Daniel Smith - Great contributions during the science visit. Great acting skills. Well done!

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